Our annual membership unlocks customized innovation projects and connects companies, universities, associations, non-profit organizations, and other private and public entities directly to the heart of Boston’s innovation ecosystem and to other key places in the USA.




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The ChileMass HUB provides a one-year membership, granting access to a specified maximum number of hours of personalized consulting and exclusive connections. At the start of each year, you’ll work closely with ChileMass to outline a customized work plan tailored to your unique needs and interests.

The city has been a global incubator of innovation for centuries. A powerful synergy created by a strong network of universities, investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, venture capital, government agencies, public and private associations, and business development, have transformed Boston into a unique ecosystem that is the perfect formula for innovation. We are open to explore other places in the US.

Membership is open to a wide range of organizations, including Chilean or American companies, universities, research centers, associations, startups, non-profit organizations, and other private and public entities. We can work with you to develop the projects that your organization needs.

In addition to the specific projects defined for each member, all HUB members have access to the following benefits:

  • Year-round access to ChileMass offices, located at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), a decades-long epicenter for startups and conveniently located near MIT and Harvard. You can use the facilities, schedule meetings, or send people to work with us.
  • Become part of the extensive ChileMass network, which includes a wide range of organizations in Chile and the United States, such as companies, universities, research centers, startups, accelerators, venture capital firms, public-private partnerships, and government entities.
  • Free access to all ChileMass events, including the flagship ChileMass Innovation Day and the regular ChileMass Ignite and Made in Chile events.