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ChileMass Teachers

A summer internship program that seeks to change educational paradigms, creating a bridge for teachers and institutions to transfer the best educational practices between the United States and Chile

It includes university classes, school observations, workshops, interactions with experts, and immersive experiences to enhance teaching practices and promote better education.


  • Implement innovative teaching methodologies, including STEAM, Universal Design for Learning, and Socio-emotional Learning, to train teachers to address inclusion and challenging experiences in student learning.
  • Foster 21st-century skills in students, emphasizing curiosity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.
  • Shift the education paradigm from teacher-centered to student-centered, empowering students as key agents of their educational journey.
  • Enhance teacher skills through experiential learning and innovation to elevate the level of English in Chile.

What we offer

The ChileMass Teachers Program empowers educators with innovative tools and methodologies through online courses, workshops, and immersive experiences. Our program enhances teaching practices and supports student success by Covering essential topics like STEAM, Universal Design for Learning, and Socio-emotional learning. The Boston In-Person Experience offers valuable real-world application and enriching professional development. With ongoing guidance and access to experts, our program helps teachers implement positive changes while fostering 21st-century skills and improving English proficiency in Chile.

Application and Preparation

  • Student-teachers apply through their University 
  • Participant Selection: Interviews are conducted by the ChileMass team.
  • English Proficiency Assessment.
  • Logistical Support from the ChileMass Team: Assistance with visa processing, required vaccinations, academic registration, and travel arrangements.
  • Preparatory Meetings (online)


Online Courses (3 Weeks in January):

  • Online courses with daily 3-hour classes, conducted by Framingham State University, Lesley University, and ChileMass team.
  • STEAM, Universal Design for Learning, and Trauma and Learning content.
  • Smooth delivery through suitable platforms.

Boston In-Person Experience (3 Weeks in February):

  • School visits, cultural tours, and workshops.
  • Guide Capstone Project development.
  • Partnership with Framingham State University and Boston College. 

Follow-up in Chile (4 Months April – July):

  • FSU tutor and ChileMass team for project implementation support.
  • Host monthly online webinars and workshops.
  • Conduct regular check-ins and annual meetings.


Online Classes in Chile:

  • UDL
  • Trauma and Learning 

During the experience in Boston, they will be trained in the following tools and methodologies:

  • Mindfulness
  • Teacher Well-being
  • Socioemotional Development
  • Trauma and Learning
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Maker-centered learning


Our program offers educators a transformative experience, blending online coursework with hands-on learning in Boston. During the 3-week Boston In-Person Experience, teachers engage in:

  • Classroom Observation: Participants observe and lead classes in public schools, gaining invaluable teaching insights.
  • Cultural Exploration: Educators expand their perspectives by exploring Boston’s rich history and culture through museum visits and tours.
  • Professional Exchange: They interact with American educators, exchanging ideas and best practices to enrich their teaching methods.
  • Problems of Practice Implementation: Upon returning, participants implement their projects and benefit from personalized mentoring and follow-up meetings with specialized professors and the ChileMass team, ensuring continued growth and development.
  • ChileMass Teachers Community: Educators join the ChileMass Teachers community through a digital platform to share resources and exchange experiences.

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